My Business Journal Organizer (Stylish Blue) 12-month Set office supplies from TheOfficePanda! If you already use accounting software for your bookkeeping, this system can help you to improve its efficiency and accuracy as it will minimize the amount of time and frustration of looking for your source documents at the time of data entry. Even if you download your transactions straight from the bank or credit card companies, there is always the need to verify the correct amount and validity of the invoice or vendor payment. Plus it is an excellent way to improve internal controls as you (the owner) will have better record accessibility and control. This system will particularly benefit small business owners and entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, home-based occupations and/or any person who needs and wants to keep better business records for tax-related purposes and peace of mind. Whether you’re just starting your business venture or are an experienced business owner, track your business expenses manually or with software help; this set of business journals will help you with the record-keeping part of business so you can focus on your business goals. This is a one-of-a-kind business organizer that will help you to keep all your receipts & business transactions in one place and within reach. It also includes a goal setting page, to do list and motivational quotes to help you stay inspired throughout the year.

(1) 2016 Set of Business Journals 9″ x 11.5″
Weekly receipt pockets with a quick overview planner
A detailed weekly schedule with a 30-minute layout
Invoice, Bank and Miscellaneous pockets with practical business related logs
Tabs include Check, Mileage, Expense, Project and Goals logs plus 24lb lined & graph sheets for your notes and ideas

Price: $225.00
Price:$ 225.00