DLP Projector, Crenova XPE700 Pico Video Projector Mini Projector WiFi Connection with iPhone Smartphone iPad tablet for Home Outdoor Backyard Cinema Theather

Crenova office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Movie night doesn’t have to mean being cooped up inside. With the Crenova XPE700 DLP Pico Projector, your family can enjoy entertainment from the backyard. Invite friends over to join you in watching a movie on a spring or summer evening. Why choose Crenova XPE700 DLP Projector? *1. You can use WiFi to connect to the projector. * Android Connection – Android smartphone and tablet can be connected with projector directly, and they can surf the Internet through your home wifi. * IOS Connection – iPad and iPhone can connect to the wifi of projector, then projector displays screen of iPad or iPhone, but iPad and iPhone can’t connect other wifi any more. *2. The XPE700 is highly portable. You really can take it anywhere. The entire projector is only slightly bigger than your palm. *3. Rechargeable battery has a 1-2 hour life. Even without being plugged into a power source, the projector has a good 1-2 hours of battery life-so you can eat s’mores and enjoy modern entertainment even in the middle of the wilderness. *4. Go for a big screen. Crenova XPE700 DLP Projector projection size can be anywhere from 7″ to 100″, providing a true big screen experience in your backyard. Projecting a small, focused image is a good way for painters and artists to improve their craft. Specification: *Brightness: 65 Lumens *Native Resolution: 854*480 (Support full 1080P video) *Image Size: 7″-100″ *Contrast: 1000:1 *Output: support 3.5mm audio output *Support Play: TF Card, DLNA, Airplay Mirroring, Wi-Fi Online Play *Power: DC12V /2A Package: 1 x Crenova XPE700 DLP Projector 1 x All-Metal Mount Adapter 1 x Remote Control 1 x HDMI Cable 1 x User Manual

*1. Enjoy movies from your backyard: Movie night can move outdoors with the Crenova XPE700 DLP Projector. Projector features 854*480 resolution, supporting up to 1920×1080 for a full 1080P video-allowing you to watch your favorite movies in full definition. Why spend $10 on a movie ticket?
*2. Connect with WiFi: Crenova XPE700 DLP Projector can connect to a smartphone, or tablet directly without the need for another adapter. Just connect to this projector’s WiFi network, and you have full control over the projector.
*3. Light and portable: Don’t want to lug around heavy equipment? No problem. The Crenova XPE700 DLP Projector is only slightly larger than the palm of your hand, clocking in at a size of 20x16x6cm. Fit an entire home entertainment system in your pocket.
*4. No cords: There’s no need to fuss with cords when setting up this outdoor cinema projector. Built-in 4000mAH battery can support the Crenova XPE700 DLP Projector for an hour to two hours.
*5. Everything you need included: Package includes an HDMI cable and a mounting adapter, providing you with everything you need to start watching movies at home right away.

Price: $279.98
Price:$ 219.98