Tools4Wisdom Planner 2015-2016 Calendar – Daily / Weekly Organizer – Monthly / Yearly Goals Planning Book – Progress Journal Notebook

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Deep within our subconscious lies a treasure of wisdom with a wealth of creative ideas waiting to be discovered.
Planning while asking the right questions is the key to unlocking this treasure as we connect with our higher self.
A Tools4Wisdom planner has been crafted for this purpose through question-driven planning and daily schedules that emphasize on the essential.
Each planning page serves as a compass to plan on doing more of what we love – and less of the opposite.
As a result, we plan ahead, yet own the now:
We accomplish more, yet smell the roses.

August 2015 Planner Edition – With Monthly Tabs
❶ Weekly & Daily Planner – To Accomplish Priorities
❷ Monthly Planner and Calendar – For 30-Day Plans
❸ Yearly Goals Planner – To Set 12-Month Goals
❹ Free access to +77 Printable Planning Tools

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