Learning Resources Spanish Alphabet Pocket Chart (LER2529)

Learning Resources office supplies from TheOfficePanda! El centro del alfabeto (Spanish Alphabet Pocket Chart)This unique chart uses pictures and color-coded letters to introduce and reinforce letter recognition, spelling, sounds and word beginnings. Durable, easy-to-clean, fire retardant nylon chart features three rows of clear pockets for card display. Measures 281⁄4″W x 373⁄4″H. • Grades PreK+Includes: • 129 uppercase and lowercase letter cards• 135 picture cards, with Spanish word on reverse• 29 letter pockets for activities• 4 blank cards • 1 pocket for articles• 2 extra storage pockets• Activity Guide

260+ Cards
Durable Nylon
28.25″W X 37.75″H

Price: $36.99
Price:$ 34.42