Calculated Industries 6020 Scale Master Classic Calculator

Calculated Industries office supplies from TheOfficePanda! 72 built in scales, 39 imperial (feet and inch), and 33 metric for maximum versatility in architectual, engineering, and civil scaling. 6 custom scales. 2 built in memories solve area and volume. Store and recall length, width, and height values. Accumulate linear, area, and cubic values. Provides most needed dimensional units. Subtract key allows you to subtract rolled distances. Boxed.

72 built-in scales for more versatility
Six user-set custom scales calibrate out-of-scale plans
Two built-in memories for easy area/volume and storing values
Lock switch prevents inadvertently changing mode or scale while rolling
Lock switch prevents inadvertenly changing mode or scale while rolling

Price: $46.99
Price:$ 54.99