Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro Advanced Construction Math Calculator with Extra Set of Batteries

office supplies from TheOfficePanda! With the Construction Master Pro’s pinpoint accuracy you can easily input and convert fractions from 1/2 to 1/64 inches. The handheld construction calculator also lets you scale between yards, feet, and inches to meters, centimeters, and even millimeters in both fractions and decimals. You can perform these calculations in linear values, cubic volume, or square areas.

It’s easy to solve for missing values. If you have already entered the pitch and run, you can easily calculate the rise just by pressing the “Rise” key, saving you time with no need to re-measure or adjust for corrections. Plus, if you make a mistake, there is a convenient backspace key and storage for up to 20 calculation entries in one of the 4 memory locations.
The Construction Master Pro’s built-in functions allow you to conveniently set preferences that are specific to your role, whether you’re an architect, carpenter, estimator, contractor, or engineer. The built-in compound miter calculator helps you create tilted angles for picture-perfect baseboards and crown moldings. Square up diagonals, rafter links, and dual pitch roofs as well as all right-angle and circular measurements.
Whatever you need to analyze on the job site, the Calculated Industries 4065 calculator does it all. The length/width/height feature allows up to six calculations for determining wall surface area, parameters, volume square feet, and more. You can calculate weight, accurately figure out how many pieces of material you need for a project, or draw up true scale blueprints. You can also do simple math functions such as add up the totals for an estimate or bid. Enter real world calculations exactly as you would speak or write them.

Work in yards, feet, inches and metricsWork in yards, feet, inches and metrics
Accurate to 1/64 inch
Fraction and decimal conversions
Convert and scale between units
1-touch function keys, Complete layouts for staircases, Store the last 20 calculations

Price: $49.95
Price:$ 49.95