Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro Advanced Construction Math Calculator

Calculated Industries office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Advanced construction/math calculator is packed with solutions for building professionals. Calculates sheets of building material needed, solutions for stairs, roofing materials, compound miter cut angles, materials estimates and more. Also features cost per unit, multiple memory, exponential notation, backspace, user preferences. Stores last 20 entries. Standard calculations and auto shutoff. Perfect for completing layouts, bids and estimates. Calculates: dimensional math and conversions, right angle solutions, area and volume solutions, and various special functions. Model 4065.

Financial calculator designed for construction professionals
Performs common building formulas; area and volume calculations; works in various units, English/metric
Plastic back, aluminum front, soft rubbed buttons
Includes 2 3-volt lithium batteries, user guide, quick reference guide, protective slide cover
5.6 by 3 by 1/2 inches; display dimensions 0.86 by 2-1/2 inches; 3.2 ounces; 1-year warranty

Price: $79.95
Price:$ 49.95