Calculated Industries 4050 Construction Master 5 Construction Calculator

Calculated Industries office supplies from TheOfficePanda! The Construction Master 5 is fun to use. Quickly find solutions to building and dimensional problems that seem to come-up and you haven’t used the math formulas for years. Enter the numbers, just as you would say them, and the solutions appear in an instant they’re built-in to your Construction Master 5. Reduce the risk of expensive errors when estimating dimensions, costs and materials. Save time, money and frustration!

Linear, area and volume solutions: convert dimensions, including metric
Complete rafter, roof and framing solutions, hip/valley, jacks and rake walls
Stair solutions are nearly automatic; risers, treads, stringer, incline
Built-in right-angle solutions; automatic square-ups
Circular and arc calculations; areas, diameters, circumference

Price: $49.99
Price:$ 39.95