Calculated Industries 3416 Mortgage Qualifier Plus Residential Mortgage Finance Calculator

Calculated Industries office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Let the Mortgage Qualifier Plus put answers to all your financing problems at your fingertips! Gain instant access to PITI and Interest-Only Payments or figure out the Blended Rate and Payment for Combo Loans. You also have the ability to enter interest-only P&I, interest-only 2nd and solve for interest-only qualifying.

Versatile Conventional, FHA/VA and Interest-Only Loan Buyer Prequalifying
Complete PITI Payment Solutions; including Interest-Only
Calculate Combination Loans: any Loan-to-Value (LTV) including Interest-Only 2nd Combo, Bi-Weekly and ARMS
Amorization with Remaing Balances
Easy Rent vs. Buy Comparison and Tax Savings

Price: $69.95
Price:$ 62.00