Calculated Industries 3405 Real Estate Master IIIX Real Estate Finance Calculator

Calculated Industries office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Residential Real Estate Finance Calculator!

Works great as a gift, or for calculations not requiring buyer qualification. Calculate complete PITI and Interest-Only payment solutions, amortization, combo loans, ARMs, rent vs. buy comparisons and much more.

Let the Real Estate Master IIIx put answers to all your financing problems at your fingertips! Carry it with you on appointments with clients, and impress them with your financial know-how and instant answers.

It helps you solves for:

Complete PITI Payments, Including Interest Only
Amortizations with Remaining Balances
Combo Loans (80:10:10) and 80: 15: 5), Bi-Weekly Loans and ARMS
Rent vs. Buy Comparisons and Estimated Tax Savings
Dedicated Functions

Various Payment Solutions
P& I, PITI and Interest-Only
Find Future Value
Complete Taxes, Insurance and Mortgage Insurance For True PITI Payments
Automatic Sales Price & Down Payment Calculations
Complete Amortization, Balloon Payments
Bi-Weekly vs. Monthly Loan Comparisons
Simplify Complex ARMs
Including Lifetime Cap
Find APR
“Rent vs. Buy” Solutions
Built-in Date Math Function –
Closing and Expiration Dates
Time Saving Utilities:

Financial calculator designed for real estate and mortgage professionals
Complete taxes and insurance for PITI payments; automatic sales price and down payment calculations; more
Plastic back, aluminum front, soft rubbed buttons
Includes 2 3-volt lithium batteries, pocket user guide, quick reference guide, protective slide cover
5-1/2 by 3 by 0-1/2 inches; display dimensions 0.86 by 2-1/2 inches; 3.2 ounces; 1-year warranty

Price: $44.95
Price:$ 30.49