Whiteboard Dry Erase Erasers – Magnetic – (12) Pack 2″ Square – BEST QUALITY for Cleaning White Boards – Strong Magnet Sticks to Metal Surfaces At Home, Office School – 100% Guarantee (Yellow)

ItemMax office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Erasable-Me MAGNETIC WHITEBOARD ERASERS (12) – 2″ x 2″ Premium Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard Erasers• These erasers are DURABLE, long lasting and EASY to clean!No more using the dreaded lonely sock left over from the laundry!• The STRONG magnet keeps the eraser securely in place on ANY MAGNETIC SURFACE when not in use. Stop trying to find a place to put your whiteboard eraser.• Get a PREMIUM quality DURABLE ERASER.Don’t settle for substandard products that fall apart from normal use.Good things ‘do’ come in small packages! Have individual Erasable-Me Erasers at each desk or work station. Lightweight and durable so you can expect these happy little fellas to last! The small size makes them great for students or kids at home. But the big results will make them a favorite with adults, too! Keep an Erasable-Me in your pocket or bag for quick access. When these erasers get dirty, simply CLEAN THEM WITH MILD SOAP AND WATER! YOUR ORDER INCLUDES: (12) – 2″ x 2″ Premium Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard ErasersLIMITED TIME BONUS GIFT (2) wallet sized cheat sheet cards for quick reference on The Parts of Speech Metric Conversion chartOUR GOAL is Maximum Value – Maximum Satisfaction OUR 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE If you are not completely happy with your Erasable-Me eraser, let us know. We will refund you your money immediately.Put a smile on your face, and your whiteboard.• ADD THESE ERASABLE-ME ERASERS TO YOUR AMAZON CART NOW! LIMITED SUPPLY.

✔ Mini 2″ × 2″ Magnetic whiteboard erasers ● perfect for those little hands and all dry erase boards.
✔ ADORABLE HAPPY FACE ● keeps little spirits lifted while at work, at home or in the classroom
✔ LIGHTWEIGHT AND SMALL ● easily transports in your pocket, bag, purse, briefcase or pencil case. Sticks to all ‘MAGNETIC’ whiteboards, filing cabinets, refrigerators, dry erase boards and most ‘magnetic’ calendars!
✔ DURABLE AND LONG LASTING ● Erasable Me erasers clean easily with mild soap and water. Non-toxic and Eco friendly! These PREMIUM erasers are made to last by using quality material.
✔ 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE ● If you are not completely happy with your dry erase eraser, let us know, we will refund you your money immediately. OUR GOAL is Maximum Value – Maximum Satisfaction

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