WalterDrake Internet Password Keeper

Bandwagon office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Never waste time resetting a password again because you lost the sticky note or forgot it. This internet password keeper has plenty of space to record all your usernames, passwords, web addresses, etc., in an alphabetized and tabbed organized manner.

NEVER FORGET A PASSWORD AGAIN – Store All Your Usernames, Passwords, and Additional Notes.
MAINTAIN SAFETY AND SECURITY ONLINE – This Password Keeper Will Allow You To Safely Record The More Complex Passwords And User Names Needed To Protect Your Valuable Personal And Financial Information.
STAY ORGANIZED – When You Use This Password Keeper With Its Predefined Entry Spaces On Tabbed Alphabetized Pages.
EASY TO USE – This Spiral Bound Password Keeper Will Lie Flat And Stay Open Right Where You Need It.
SECURITY WHERE YOU NEED IT – This Password Keeper Is Large Enough To Hold All Your Essential Passwords And User Names Yet Small Enough To Store Safety In A Drawer When Home Or At Work, To Bring With You In Your Purse Or On Your Person.

Price: $12.99
Price:$ 12.99