VIBRANT COLORS 48 Colored Pencils For Adult Coloring Books, Rich Watercolor Pencils w/ A Sharpener, Brush BONUS Printable Coloring Pages! Ready To Use Pre-Sharpened Pencils For Your Rich Experience

VIBRANT COLORS office supplies from TheOfficePanda! As Seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and More!”These are the BEST colored pencils” “Soft, smooth and precise!!” Great quality, vibrant colors as title says” “These are wonderful for adult coloring” “I have been having a relaxing time coloring in my adult coloring books with these pencils and love my results!” ▶ WHY VIBRANT COLORS? We’re lovers of adult coloring. We believe it’s one of the best hobbies for adults and the satisfaction and relaxation you get from coloring is just amazing. However, there were some things we didn’t like in this industry. The name brands were extremely expensive for the quality, and the quality of cheap pencils was not satisfying at all. After months of thinking, we decided to make our own brand! We created this to enjoy coloring together with you! ▶ FOR YOUR RICH EXPERIENCE “THE ‘EARTH’ WITHOUT ‘ART’ IS JUST ‘EH'” – Unknown The world is surrounded by colors. It is made that way. Now you have a coloring book in front of you ready to be created in YOUR way. Start coloring now for your rich experience. ▶ LET THE FUN BEGIN! You’re backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We’re here to help you enjoy coloring more! Try it now, let the fun begin! –> Simply Click “Add to Cart” Button Now to Begin Your “Rich Experience”

▶ MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE RICH – 48 Colored Pencils Set By VIBRANT COLORS provides Rich Coloring Experience. The pencils are smooth and blend well, while the leads don’t break easily. Imagine how fun the coloring will be with 48 vibrant colors!
▶ EASY TO START – The pencil set comes with 2 types of printable coloring books. You can easily start creating your artwork with our pre-sharpened pencils without having to buy a lot of coloring books.
▶ EASY TO USE – Our soft core pencil set is a ready-to-use tool for adult coloring. As soon as you receive the pencils, open it and start enjoying the richness! You can even make the final touch to your art, using the brush included.
▶ EASY TO SHARE – Print out the coloring books, and share your design with other customers of ours! Let’s make this fun, #VibrantColors
▶ What Our Amazon Customers Say: “The texture is creamy and colors so vivid” “ABSOLUTELY gets the job done!” “these blend so amazingly!” “These are the BEST colored pencils” “Absolutely love this brand!!!!!” 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee. Order today while supplies last!

Price: $21.99
Price:$ 21.99