Vela Hardcover Lab Notebook / 9 x 11.75 / 128 Pages / Grid

Vela Sciences office supplies from TheOfficePanda! When professionals in the lab and field asked for a notebook that’s durable enough to withstand nearly any condition, we responded with the E-Series. Like the rest of our Vela line of notebooks, E-Series strikes an essential balance between functionality, durability, aesthetics, and affordability. Inside the E-Series notebook, you’ll find the same Vela layout you’ve come to expect, including a full information page, index, and reference and conversion tables, all designed to help you make the most of your time in lab. The blue grid is subtle enough that it won’t distract from your work, but bright enough to help you see in poor lighting conditions. Enclosed in an ultra-durable reinforced hardcover case coated with a scuff- and water-resistant laminate, the notebook is protected from spills at the bench and shows minimal signs of wear. A specially engineered OptiSewn binding, both permanent and tamper-evident, further enhances the notebook’s durability. It also allows the pages to lay exceptionally flat, so the notebook remains open and accessible while you’re working at the bench. The extra heavyweight archival quality writing paper is designed to accept a wide range of inks with minimal show-through, including industry standard archival pigmented inks. The acid-free, archival quality paper and book construction will preserve your written records for years to come. All Vela notebooks are produced in the USA and utilize 100% recycled book board and SFI & ECF certified papers

Books lay flat and stay open
Numbered pages and index
Lab light optimized grid
Showthrough minimized paper
Printed, bound, & distributed in the USA

Price: $15.99
Price:$ 18.95