USPS Style 25 Lb x 0.1 OZ Digital Shipping Mailing Postal Scale with Batteries

office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Have you ever wondered before mailing out a sizable letter or merchandise, “how much does this weigh? Does this exceed the minimal weight for standard mailing?” Well, good news for you! WeighMax introduces the new digital postal scale to answer your questions. The black sleek platform is professionally designed to weigh pounds and ounces to its exact precision. This scale has a large LCD screen for easy reading with MODE, TARE, HOLD functions. It operates with 1-9V battery (included) with an energy saving auto shut off for prolonged use. 10 year manufacturer warranty.

Weighs letter, packages up to 25 Lb in 0.1oz Graduation/Sensitivity
Sleek black platform with hold up mailer folder
MODE function allows measuring unit from ounce, g,kg, pounds
TARE function resets reading to 0.00
HOLD function to lock reading

Price: $29.99
Price:$ 16.95