The Path 1 Month Habit Planner – Your Personal Coach ★ Agenda Productivity Tool ★ Gratitude Journal Notebook ★ Action Day ★ Daily Weekly Monthly Organizer To Achieve More Goals Than Ever Before!

The Path by Life Organizer office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Imagine a WORLD WITH NO LIMITS. WHAT WOULD YOU DO, CREATE or BECOME?Setting goals increases motivation to help you take control and to achieve your dream life. The Path is for you if you are: – NOT SATISFIED with your LIFE – lacking the CLARITY, FOCUS and PLAN of action- PARALYZED by procrastination and perfectionism – are BUSY being BUSY- STRAPPED for energy- OVERWHELMED and frustrated with no evolution YOUR TIME IS LIMITED, DON’T WASTE IT LIVING SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE! START DESIGNING YOUR OWN! HOW? Your all-in-one planner programs your mind for AMAZING SUCCESS by giving you a STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM that guides you to CREATE YOUR DREAM LIFE.1st STEP: Set up your VALUES, VISION, MISSION and GOALS. 2nd STEP: Divide big goals into MONTHLY MILESTONES, WEEKLY STEPS and DAILY ACTIONS.3rd STEP: Do each day 3-5 actions that bring MOST VALUE for who you want to be, manage your other projects and hourly program your day. Extra: BRAINSTORMING and MIND MAP board, GRATITUDE journal, EMPOWERING HABITS, TRACKING EVOLUTION each day, VISUALISING PERFECT LIFE. You will get: – UNSTOPABBLE MINDSET – MOTIVATION and FOCUS – 2 EXTRA HOURS A DAY – FLAWLESS ENERY – LIFE full of PASSION Why ONE-MONTH planner? It’s MORE THAN a simple planner, it’s your LIFE COACH, that will guide you trough the day and will help you stay focused while enjoying each moment of your LIFE.It has 4 pages for each day, being carefully designed to MAKE YOU GET THE MOST OUT OF EVERY DAY. You have room to be creative and enjoy it in YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY! NO SPACE LIMITATION!Fun exercises and prompts encourage you to STAY MOTIVATED and don’t be distracted. ADD TO CART now and become UNSTOPPABLE!

I CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS… The Path 1 month planner – available for 5 weeks – it’s your own SUCCESS SYSTEM upgrading you from a life of confusion to a life of accomplishment & purpose. Included with your planner: printable Vision Board, printable Annual Planner. You’re joining a community of like-minded success-oriented peers.Thousands of HAPPY empowered clients in Europe, now available for you too!
I AM UNSTOPPABLE MINDSET. Designed with PROVEN MINDSET success neuro-programming life into your PERSONAL COACH that is supporting you every day to achieve MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. A5 dimension is ideal to take it with you everywhere while the spiral binding is perfect to easily write on.
HOLDING ME BACK?! You are the result of your habits. Dump old bad habits and adopt new empowering ones. Your dream life planner is THE ONLY ONE that includes a daily section inspired by 2500 year old BUDDHIST exercise.
FOCUS & EVOLUTION. Concentrate on what makes you happy, going after what you want, no excuses, no turning back will bring SATISFACTION and EVOLUTION in your life.
LIVE YOUR PASSION. When you follow your ♥ HEART, you are internally driven because you are doing what you love. Your dream life planner will help you get there because it is designed to bring to reality your DREAM LIFE. Dare to change your life – THE SALES PRICE is LIMITED.

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