Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator TI-30X IIS Blue

Texas Instruments office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Combines statistics and advanced scientific functions and is a durable and affordable calculator for the classroom. Texas Instruments Scientific calculator in orange color is perfect for basic scientific, trigonometric functions, logarithms, reciprocals and more. Scientific calculator includes slide-on hard case and two-line display for easy reading. Features: Two-line display Fraction features Conversions Basic scientific and trigonometric functions Edit, cut, and paste entries Solar and battery powered One- and two-variable statistics

Display lines: 2, Display digits: 10, Solar and battery, Memory: 5, Entry logic: Algebraic, Backspace key
Fraction calculations, fraction/decimal conversions, hyperbolic functions, probability (random number), trig/log functions
TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator Fundamental, two-line calculator combines statistics and advanced scientific functions for high school math and science.
The TI-30XIIS scientific calculator is approved for use on SAT*, ACT*, and AP* exams.

Price: $19.85
Price:$ 17.76