TEXAS INST TI-30XIIS PINK Calculator,Scientific, 2 Line Display, Top Line 11-Digit-Bottom Line 10, Solar, PINK

Texas Instruments office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Features. Two-line display. Fraction features. Conversions. Basic scientific and trigonometric functions. Edit cut and paste entries. Solar and battery powered. One- and two-variable statisticsBuilt-in functionality. Review and edit previous entries. Fractiondecimal conversions. Random number and random integer generator. Negation key. Menu settings. Change improper fractions to mixed numbers. Automatic simplification of fractions. One constant. Combinations and permutations. Trigonometry. Hyperbolics. Logs and antilogs. Convert angles from degrees to radians to grads. Fixed decimal capability. One- and two-variable statistics. EOS Equation Operating System. Up to eight pending operations. Up to 23 levels of parentheses. Error recovery capability. Five memory variables. Scientific and engineering notationHardware. Hard plastic color-coded keys. Two-line display 11 digit scrollable entry line with 10-digit answer and two-digit exponent line. Dual power. Impact-resistant cover with quick-reference card. Teacher Kit Available includes 10 calculators storage caddy Teachers Guide in English and Spanish calculator poster and transparency

Two-line display
Fraction features
Basic scientific and trigonometric functions
Edit, cut, and paste entries

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Price:$ 14.99