Sticky Note Mini Graph Pads – 5 Count – Graph Paper Sticky Notes 20 x 20 Four Quadrant

Teachwithtech office supplies from TheOfficePanda! This product is designed for instructors and students alike to streamline graphing on the coordinate plane.
Instructors uses range from creating masters of worksheets/answer keys to providing examples during class.
Students of wide range of ages can take advantage of the convenient and easy to use pads for homework, note-taking, or test-taking.

Package includes 5 Pads at 25 Adhesive Sheets per Pad
Adhesive area is 3″ x 1″ to provide staying power
Labeled x-axis, y-axis, and origin
Grid is 20 x 20 units total (see picture)
Size is 3″ x 3″

Price: $10.99
Price:$ 10.99