Stationary Cupboard Watercolor, JWCP, Coloring Pencils Soft Core Aritst Pencils for Adult Drawing Book, 24 colored

Stationary Cupboard office supplies from TheOfficePanda! To people who yearn to create, draw, sketch, fiddle, doddl, and color. Stationary cupboard watercolor pencils are adaptable and proficient craftsman quality, coloring pencils that create a wide range of exciting effects, from bold, vibrant images to soft, subtle impressions. Combining the control of a pencil with the beauty of traditional colored pencils. What places these pencils on the priority list of every artist is: Their ability to be used as a regular pencil when dry and as a watercolor paint when wet. When dry, the pencils provide even shades in soft, vibrant colors and are also great for distinct outlines. When used wet, however great opportunity unfolds. Create true watercolor effects in bold, vivid tones by wetting the paper before pencil application, layer colors before wetting to add beautiful dimension to the art, wet the pencil tips for bold areas, or just wash a wet brush over a fully penciled artwork going with the contours of your subject. It can be used as the primary medium for the entire art or combine and layer with paint, pastel, etc. To create the effect you desire. Amateurs delight in the inspiration of stress free drawing while professionals love the added benefits these pencils offer, which makes it the perfect gift idea for any artist! the set of 24 watercolor pencils, stored in a beautiful tin case, can be sharpened with any pencil sharpener. Soft leads create a smooth color laydown for superior blending and shading. Thick, long-lasting color. Cores resist breakage and bring bold statements to life. Join the many fascinated artists and inspire your passion for drawing like never before.

Nice range of 24 watercolor pencils allowing you to use them wet or dry to paint rich vivid colors
These are watercolor pencils which will not disappoint your young
Add a few drops of water and blend for the water effect on the watercolor pencils
High quality watercolor pencils for writing, drawing pencils, and sketching
These colored pencils have a smooth color laydown for superior blending and shading

Price: $12.99
Price:$ 12.99