Shuter 13-Pockets A4 Expanding Accordion File Folder with Handle, Buckle Closure and Subject Labels.(Blue)

Shuter office supplies from TheOfficePanda! [Brand]: Shuter

[Model]: A1349

[Origin]: Guangdong

[Color]: Red / Blue / Green / Yellow

[Specification]: A4

[Size]: 13.1in x 9.4in x 1.2in

[Features]: Using high-quality materials made of pure Polypropylene (PP), difficult to break,

not easily deformed. 13 layers inside the bag, along with 24 small colored labels which

helps classify and organize files easily with a stylish appearance.

[Postage]: Free shipping

[Handle]: Yes

[Material Type]: Polypropylene

[Tab Color]: Colorful

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Material: High quality Polypropylene (PP) material (nontoxic and nonradioactive) which is light and tough, waterproof with the capability of protecting documents in a long run.
Appearance: There are no patterns on the cover; giving it a simple touch and gentle look.
Size and Weight: 13.1″ x 9.4″ x 1.2″ & 345g which makes it suitable for daily filing and storing of documents; A4 sized and lesser than A4. It can hold approximately 400 sheets.
Additional Information: It has 13 pockets with 24 enclosed naming tabs and subject labels which provides an easy subdivision of documents to increase sorting efficiency and file management. Its buckle switcher enables it to be opened with an easy push.
There is a small groove to put your pens and it comes with a comfortable telescopic handle which can alleviate the oppression of somewhat heavy materials. The semitransparent shell ensures easy identification of materials placed in the first and last layers of the folder. Its sturdy construction makes it easy for carrying materials and also enhances its security.

Price: $16.99
Price:$ 15.99