Seek Publishing 1926 Pages of Time Kardlet (PT1926)

Seek Publishing office supplies from TheOfficePanda! These 24-page year themed booklets feature national and world news, authentic advertisements, sports, movie and music trivia and much more! The perfect all-occasion gift, like birthdays, anniversaries and reunions. These Kardlets work for any occasion to celebrate a milestone or remember what it was like for a significant life event. Think Oregon Trail Meets Jeopardy On A Greeting Card! Seek Publishing’s Yearbook KardLets (greeting card/booklet hybrid) offer the reader a fun trip down memory lane! Proudly made and sold in the USA since 1989, add a KardLet to your gift-giving list and share the gift of memories and more!

24 pages of information including sports, movie and music trivia
Cost of Living index including prices of food, a house, car and postage
authentic advertisements
available in years 1900-2003
Includes Envelope

Price: $12.95
Price:$ 5.95