SafeCard® RFID Blocking Card Holder Case – Stainless Steel – Best Identity Theft Protection and Credit Card Protector – Card Holder Keeps Your Credit Cards Safe – Black

Safe-Card office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Dealing with identity theft is a serious hassle. In today’s world, stealing your information is easier than ever. Criminals using RFID scanners can steal your card information in any public place, at any time, even THROUGH your wallet and/or purse! Scary, right? Luckily, the SafeCard® RFID Blocking Card Holder Case has you covered! The SafeCard® RFID Blocking Card Holder Case is the best identity theft protection on the market! Using technology that blocks RFID scanners and readers, your financial information will be kept safe from identity theft and electronic pick-pocketing! It’s durable, impact-resistant, and lightweight. Plus, with 6 accordion-style slots, you’ll have all the room you need for all your cards and cash. Don’t wait another minute to protect yourself. Buy your SafeCard® RFID Blocking Card Holder Case NOW!

PROTECT YOURSELF FROM IDENTITY THEFT – Protect yourself from identity theft and electronic pick-pocketing with the SafeCard® RFID Blocking Card Holder Case! Our technology safeguards your credit/debit cards by using cutting edge RFID blocking protection, keeping your financial information safe from RFID scanners/readers.
PREMIUM QUALITY – Crafted in durable stainless steel, the SafeCard® RFID Blocking Card Holder Case provides you with the safest and sleekest option for storing your cards! It’s compact, yet incredibly spacious!
SIX SECURE SLOTS – The six secure card slots fold accordion style, and allow you to carry and protect up to 6 individual credit/debit cards! And even though our product is specifically designed for cards, you can use always fold and fit cash into any available slot.
CARRY CONFIDENTLY – It is a must-have for travel! The easy click open and close makes using it a cinch. It’s durable, impact resistant and lightweight. More importantly it latches shut safely and securely, so that nothing is at risk of falling out!
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We are so confident in the quality of our product that we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! If you are unsatisfied, simply contact us to return the product for a full refund.

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