Premium Credit Card Protector Sleeves Stop Thieves. Tough Rfid Blocking Sleeves That Are Proven to Work, Easy to Use and Keep Your Cards and Passport Secure. Credit Card Protection Sleeves Easily Fit in Your Wallet or Purse. 10 Credit Card 2 Passport Sleeves.

Shield Safe office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Stop your cards being scanned with tough and durable Shield Safe sleeves

Don’t be a target. Block RFID scanners from stealing your data
Are you worried about the latest threat to your security – criminals scanning your details through your wallet? Criminals don’t stand a chance against Shield Safe sleeves.

These sleeves actually work!
You are safe in a crowd with our sleeves. Great for travelling whether it’s overseas or on the subway. Imagine the hassle of having your data stolen while on holiday? You won’t be a target with Shield Safe. Our sleeves keep you safe.

These sleeves are TOUGH!
You don’t want the hassle of sleeves that are thin, flimsy and tear easily. Shield Safe sleeves are strong and durable.

Easy to use, fits all cards
You want a solution that is not just effective – it has to be easy to use as well. Our sleeves slip on your card and fit easily in your wallet. Worried they might not fit? Our sleeves are manufactured to sizing standards to fit all cards and passports.

Guaranteed to stop your card from being scanned or your money back.
If you want to stop worrying about whether your data is safe and protect yourself and your family then click add to cart now. It’s a small price to pay for PEACE OF MIND.

SHIELDS YOUR VALUABLE DATA from digital pickpockets. Have you been worried about your data being stolen in crowded places? Our sleeves STOP your card being scanned.
FITS IN YOUR WALLET OR PURSE. No need to buy a special purse or wallet. Easy to use. Our sleeves slip on your card and fit easily in your wallet.
WONT TEAR OR CRUMPLE You take your card in and out of your wallet all the time. Don’t buy a flimsy sleeve. Shield Safe sleeves are tough and durable!
NO MORE WORRYING ABOUT YOUR CARDS. Feel safe and secure. Do what you want, travel where you want, without worrying about your personal data and financial information being targeted.
GUARANTEED TO STOP YOUR CARD BEING SCANNED or your money back. Lifetime Guarantee. Click the orange Add to Cart button. It’s a small price to pay for Peace of Mind!

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