Postal Scale-SC-36lb

LW Measurements office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Product Dimensions-8.5″ X 8″ X 2.5″
Box Size-12″ X 9″ X 3″
Easy to use with high quality load cell
Large display with On/ Off Auto Back light
Selectable lb/oz/kg/g
Tare function to zero display
Hold function to freeze readout

Advanced Digital Postal Scales-36lb x 0.1oz
36lb/17kg -0.1oz/2g
Platter/ Tray size-8″ X 6.25″
Powered by 3 x AAA battery or AC/DC 4.5V/ 100mA (optional)
Shipping Weight-3lb

Price: $16.79
Price:$ 19.20