Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Student Set (54 Atom and 70 Bond Parts) – MM-003

Model Molecular office supplies from TheOfficePanda! The Model Molecular Student Set will bring to life concepts such as chirality, conformations and isomers to help you relate the physical and chemical properties of compounds to their molecular structures. Get hands on experience with three dimensional topics covered in Organic and General Chemistry courses such as Lewis structures, Newman projections and wedge-dash diagrams. The versatile molecular set accelerates memorization by allowing you to visually create common functional groups such as ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, thiols, amines, aromatics and most other families of organic compounds. Set Contents: • 22 – Hydrogen Atoms (White) • 14 – Carbon Atoms (Black) • 6 – Oxygen Atoms (Red) • 4 – Nitrogen Atoms (Blue) • 2 – Sulfur Atoms (Yellow) • 4 – Halogen Atoms (Green) • 1 – Phosphorus Atom (Purple) • 1 – Metal Atom (Gray) • 28 – Small Connectors (White) • 30 – Medium Connectors (White) • 12 – Long Connectors (Gray) • 1 – Molecular Tool (For Disassembly) • 1 – Storage Box with Four Compartments

Contains 54 atoms to provide students a visual, hands-on experience for learning chemistry functional groups and molecular structures
The durable, high quality plastic atoms are color coded to universal standards
Instructions are included on the inside cover to easily identify all of the atoms and connectors included in the set
Box contains four compartments for simple storage and organization
Molecular tool included to quickly disassemble molecules and atom connectors

Price: $23.95
Price:$ 24.95