Nursing Clipboard with Storage and Reference for Nursing Students and Nurses: White Durable Plastic Medical Clipboard (Includes 2 Freebies: Nursing Brain Sheet and Physical Assessment Sheet)

NRSNG office supplies from TheOfficePanda! WARNING: Using This Nursing Clipboard WILL Result in Improved Organization and Time Management The ONLY clipboard you will EVER need as a nurse . . . designed by experienced Critical Care Nurses Includes our free unique nursing report sheet and clinical brain sheet that have been proven on the clinical floor in ICUs and Med-Surg settings. This durable, storage nursing clipboard is designed specifically for nurses and nursing students by experienced nursing preceptors and educators. The clipboard has a unique design that includes an over 1 inch deep storage space and a separate compartment for pens (no more searching for that lost pen during clinical). With a removable top, this clipboard allows for you to determine if you want the added storage or not on any given clinical day. Made of insanely durable/thick plastic you will never need to buy another clipboard again. A perfect medical clipboard with built in storage to keep you HIPAA compliant on the hospital floor Jon Haws RN CCRN with NRSNG and his team have spoken with over 50,000 nurses and nursing students regarding their biggest struggles. Time management and organization are two things that nearly every student struggles with . . . here is the solution. This clipboard with the included report sheet and clinical brain sheet will provide you the framework . . .now all you need to do is show up and take care of your patients. SCROLL UP TO BUY

Nursing Clipboard With Clinical Reference Guides (designed by ICU Nurses) with Storage and dry erase Writable Surface
9X13 with 1 Inch Deep Storage Space for Clinical Paperwork, Assignments, Notes and Separate Storage Space for Pens
Removable Top, HIPAA Compliant Storage Space (keep your patient information private unlike foldable clipboards without a cover)
Quick Nursing References (labs, meds, Spanish, EKG, assessment, GCS, math for meds, medications antidotes, more)
The ONLY Nursing Clipboard You Will EVER Need: This is the best medical clipboard designed specifically for nurses and nursing students.

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