Mead Organizher Expense Tracker, 8.5 x 11 Inches, Purple Poly (64047)

Mead office supplies from TheOfficePanda! View Larger Mead Organizher Expense Tracker, Purple You know organized families exist: They’re the ones who show up to soccer practice on time, the ones who always remember the teacher’s birthday, file their taxes early and still have time to host nightly family dinners. What’s their secret? It’s simple. They’ve got their schedule in order. And, it doesn’t take a village. Created with you in mind, Mead Organizher offers organizing products that help you take control of the various areas of your life and place them under one command center. Scheduling, meal planning and expense tracking options are now interconnected, helping you meet your family’s daily challenges. With a system like this, you can’t help but get organized. The Organizer Expense Tracker is an undated reusable planner that allows you to keep track of what’s coming in and going out in one bungee-corded 8.5 x 11 inch binder. There are worksheets for tracking expenses and cash flow, 12 monthly pockets for receipts and bills, and Tech Lock rings that secure punched items. The covers are made out of durable poly, and, additional downloadable sheets are available. There’s also a current and future year monthly reference page. View Larger Quick Tips Keep a log (even for a week). See how things add up. Designate a day and time each week/month to knock your bills out all at once. Don’t sweat it. Sometimes things come up. Plan. Get a clear picture of what you have to spend (and what you don’t). Set a goal. It’s easier to save when you have a prize in sight. Other products from Organizher: Mead Organizher Write ‘N Wipe Weekly Undated Dry-Erase Calendar Organize your schedule seven days at a time. Mead Organizher Write ‘N Wipe Monthly Undated Dry Erase CalendarView here and View here Organize your monthly schedule. Mead Organizher Magnetic Shopping List Plan out meals and grocery store trips in one convenient place. Mead Organizher Shopping Companion Manage shopping with an organizer that keeps you focused and frugal. Mead Organizher Reminder Center Combines dry-erase and cork options in one sleek and convenient message board. Mead Organizher Loyalty Card Organizer Keep loyalty cards, credit cards, gift cards, and more in one place.

Keep track of your spending with one comprehensive financial tracker
Worksheets help you monitor expenses and cash flow; 12 monthly pockets hold bills and receipts; tuck other items into one of two clear folders
Three Tech-Lock poly rings with fabric gusset stand up to wear and tear
8.5 x 11 inch page size and purple poly cover; download additional budgeting pages online; also includes current and future year dates
.5mm durable poly cover with bungee cord closure keeps everything together

Price: $14.99
Price:$ 14.99