Fiskars 12 Inch Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer (196920-1001)

Fiskars office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Trimmers are one of the must haves tool for a papercrafter. Fiskars offers a full-range of trimmers and is consistently chosen as the market leader in craft trimmers. There are three styles: Portable, known for quick and easy use, Rotary, known for precision cutting and having decorative blade solutions, Bypass, known for low maintenance. Fiskars takes pride having developed the Portable Paper Trimmer (PPT) category. Fiskars 12-inch Fashion Portable Paper Trimmer with bonus blade in blue is the ideal size for photo cropping, card making and scrapbooking. The patented Triple Track System interlocks the blade and rail resulting in more accurate, precise straight cutting. This rail also pivots open to allow you to easily insert your project. Precision printed on the aluminum veneer, 1/16th-inch scale and 1/4-inchx1-inch grid is easily visible, resulting in easy, accurate measuring. With a minimum 1/2-inch between the front and back fence, the 12-inch Fashion Portable Paper Trimmer makes cutting small strips easy. The wider base deck allows room for laying out your project and extra space for measuring. Meanwhile, the swing out arm allows you to extend measuring paper up to a full 15-inch. This trimmer includes an ergonomic, high profile cutting carriage for a better grip on the blade when cutting, and rubberized feet to keep the base from moving while cutting. Capable of cutting 5 sheets of 20lb paper up to 12-1/4-inch long, the 12-inch Fashion Portable Paper Trimmer comes with one extra blade (style I, Fiskars 12-96877097J) and a lifetime warranty.

Ideal for all your scrapbook page trimming needs
Patented TripleTrack System interlocks the blade and rail for cuts that are straight and steady, never curved or wobbly
Swing-out arm extends the measuring deck to 15 1/4 to cut extra-large scrapbook pages accurately
Aluminum cutting surface improves scale visibility for accurate measurements
Rubberized feet and self-leveling base offer superior stability

Price: $27.59
Price:$ 16.80