CrownArt – 12 Pack Dual Tip Brush Pens – Brush Tip and Fine Tip Water Based Coloring Markers for Novice to Expert Artists – Assorted Colors are Great for Calligraphy Blending Coloring Drawing Shading

CrownArt office supplies from TheOfficePanda! New from CrownArt! CrownArt brush pens were created with one goal – create an exceptional product that allows inspired artists to create. We want to spark the great artists within all of us to let their creativity and imagination flow. We are proud that our brush pens are used by many of the most talented artists and calligraphers to assist them in producing remarkable works of art every single day. These brush pens were created with the artist in mind and have an easy to use design that is perfect for the artist of any skill level – from novice to seasoned professional! We worked extensively with many different artists to refine our brush pens to be the best on the market. After months of testing, research and refining our product, CrownArt can confidently say that our brush pens are unmatched. Our brush pens feature dual tips – brush and fine point – to help you with broad-stroke usage down to the finest of details as you create your next masterpiece. CrownArt brush pens have been tested to withstand repeated use, and can be used on a wide variety of media. CrownArt brush pens far surpass their competitors quality and are light-weight, easy to hold and incredibly durable. The ink used in the CrownArt brush pens are non-toxic, non-bleeding and odorless making them safe for artists of all ages as well! Our brush pens are utilized by artists to sketch, paint and illustrate their great ideas on to a variety of media. These brush pens can be found any and everywhere including the social media pages of accomplished artists, classroom art supply cabinets and art supply kits of children across the nation. CrownArt prides itself on our high-quality pens and will continue to develop products that will help inspire the artist within us all. So what are you waiting for? Purchase your pack today!

DUAL TIP – 1-2 mm Brush Tip makes coloring, shading and blending a breeze. 0.8 mm Round Tip makes outlining and fine detail fun and easy.
GREAT FOR BLENDING – Using your CrownArt brush pen case as a pallet, Step 1: Apply a dark color to your pallet. Step 2: Using a lighter color brush pen, “pick up” the dark color off your pallet. Step 3: Use and Experiment!
FULL COLOR SPECTRUM – 12 Pack includes Primary Colors – blue red, and yellow. Secondary Colors – green, orange, and violet. Additional Colors – turquoise, lime, pink, magenta, brown and black.
NON TOXIC – Ink is water based and unscented. Contrary to many pens your tips will have have natural ink without any toxic vapors.
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