Chalk Markers with extra gold and silver ink from Blami Arts. Set of 12 shiny neon liquid chalk pen with reversible bullet and chisel fine tip. Free Your Imagination with unique paint colored chalkboard markers Now!

Blami Arts office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Blami Arts presents Extended set of Chalk & Glass markers for Kids and Adults. Our liquid chalk pens decorate and add bright and vivid colors to all kinds of objects. Set of 12 shiny chalk markers with bold and fine tip. Chalk pens are filled with high quality dry & wet erasable chalk paint! Free your imagination with our premium high quality chalk markers now! Dare to be unique with bonus GOLD and SILVER color included in your glass marker set. 12 markers for the price of 10! Blami Arts Liquid chalk markers offer you a bargain you can’t resist. • Easy and efficient to use on wide variety of nonporous surfaces (WARNING: We still recommend a short test on a small area of the surface. Gold and silver leave permanent marks on chalkboards.) • 12 chalk markers pack with non-toxic, water-based opaque eye-catching full colors with high quality reversible nibs produced in Japan • More than suitable chalk ink pen for bar, restaurant supplies, art, craft, home, DIY, work, school use • 6 mm reversible bullet and chisel points for smooth writing, drawing, shadowing, coloring, marking – you will be surprised by the versatility of writing and coloring options • Tested easy wipe from completely nonporous materials with damp paper towel or cloth Blami Arts assures you satisfaction by granting you a 80 day long money back warranty for our chalkboard markers. If you’re not stisfied, we give you a full refund no questions asked. Blam chalk markers have satisfied the needs for creation and brought fun to many different users. Become one of them! Special pricing cannot be guaranteed, so do not hesitate and buy Blami Chalk markers now!

THE FIRST AND ONLY SET OF UNIQUE 12 LIQUID CHALK MARKERS INK PENS! Including GOLD and SILVER color for perfect holiday and DIY decorations! Premium offer 12 markers for the price of 10! Perfect for decoration and gifts for upcoming holidays.
AMAZING AND SAFE COLORS – 12 non-toxic, water-based, quick dry, bright, opaque, vivid, eye-catching full colors with reversible chisel and bullet point for both bold and fine lines – that greatly expand your drawing, writing, shadowing, coloring and marking options.
EFFICIENT AND EASY TO USE! Perfect for nonporous surfaces like LED blackboard, glass, windows, mirrors, plastic bags and food containers, porcelain, ceramics, mugs, varnished wood and plant pots, metal, tiles, stones, nonporous chalkboard contact paper and labels, business folders, car windows and many more!
PERFECT FOR CHILDREN – drawings, games, decorations on nonporous materials AND ADULTS – creating works of art with color blending; writing notes and attracting attention in bar, restaurant, home and office; decorating objects, cards and other surfaces for every holiday. More than USEFUL AT home (kitchen, bathroom, windows, varnished furniture and floor), work, school, craft, hobby and DIY projects!
TESTED EASY WIPE from all above stated nonporous materials with dry or damp paper towel or cloth. Gold and silver paint are erasable only with damp paper towel or cloth! Gold and silver chalkboard markers are not fully erasable from chalk boards. They are erasable from glass, metal, plastic and other 100% non-porous materials…

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Price:$ 9.95