Casio Graphing Calculator

Casio office supplies from TheOfficePanda! MODEL- FX-9860g. VENDOR- CASIO. FEATURES- Graphing Calculator. The FX-9860G Graphic Calculator has a large high contrast display with dual screen capability. Icon memu provides easy access to advanced functions. All the functionality of the FX-9750GPlus with USB connectivity 1.5MB flash memory natural display capability and a PC Emulator. Suggested Courses for the FX-9860G Graphing Calculator include: Pre-Algebra Algebra I and II Geometry Trigonometry Calculus Statistics Biology Chemistry Physics Finance and Business. The FX-9860G is allowed on all major exams like AP SAT I/II PSAT/NMSQT ACT and state level assessments allowing graphic calculators. SPECIFICATIONs MEMORY – Available RAM/Flash ROM: 64KB/1.5MB Electronic upgradeability Prior Entry Recall Number and Constant MemoryDISPLAY – Interface Iconic Menu Lines x characters : 8 x 21 Screen Size (Pixels): 64 x 128 Natural Display Input Capture Clip & Paste Capability Language Options Available GRAPHING – Function (y=Equations to graph): 20 Parametric Polar. Sequence Constant (x=) Inequality (auto shading) Zoom Trace Dynamic/Transformation Conics MATHEMATICS – Table of function values Fixed Decimal Options Scientific Notation: 10 +2 Fraction Operations Interactive Equation Solver. Simultaneous Equation Solver: Up to 6 Polynomial Root Finder : Up to 3 Complex Numbers Matrices : up to 55×55 Recall and Edit Last Entry Spreadsheet Capabilities COMPUTER MATH – Calculates in Dec

Description – Graphing Calculator
Mathematical/Statistical Functions – Improved matematical notation
Memory – 800K storage/flash memory
Special Features/Suggested Use – Useful for visually impaired; USB/Serial connectivity

Price: $99.99
Price:$ 64.95