Blu Bento Water Brush Duo With Travel Case (1 Set: Includes 1 Small Brush, 1 Large Brush, and 1 Carrying Case). Perfect For Painting With Watercolor, Gouache, Ink, And Blending On Watercolor Pencils Or Crayons. A.K.A. Self-Moistening Calligraphy Brush Pen.

Blu Bento office supplies from TheOfficePanda! BLU BENTO Water Brush Duo The handy dandy portable water brush duo! Do you enjoy field sketching or painting en plein air? Water brushes are a great alternative to traditional paint brushes when you’re traveling. Simply fill the brush with water or water-based ink, and you’re ready to go! Each set includes: • 1 Small Water Brush* With Cap (tip size approximately equal to brush size 2) • 1 Large Water Brush* With Cap (tip size approximately equal to brush size 4 or 6) • 1 Carrying Case (frosted translucent) *Brushes do not come filled with water. How to use: 1. Turn the brush head clockwise to open 2. Fill the reservoir with water or water-based ink 3. Close the brush by turning the brush head counterclockwise to tighten 4. Over a scrap piece of paper or towel, gently squeeze the body of the brush to release water/ink into the bristles. TIP: For better control of water/ink flow, try experimenting with short, pulsing squeezes instead of long squeezes. Product Dimensions: • Small Brush: 6 inches in length (with cap on) • Large Brush: 6 inches in length (with cap on) • Small Carrying Case: 6.6 inches x 2 inches x 0.75 inches Warning: Not recommended for children under 5 years. Small parts may pose choking hazard.

Assorted brush sizes: each set includes 1 LARGE tip (~ equal to size 4 or 6 brush) and 1 SMALL tip (~ equal to size 2 brush) water brush (aka. self-moistening brush pens). Use the small brush for fine detailing.
Comes with a convenient little storage box/carrying case – perfect for travel! Snap it shut, throw it in your art bag, and go!
Use for watercolor and gouache painting, sketching, calligraphy, lettering, coloring, blending, journaling, scrapbooking, and painting with ink. Easy to fill, clean, and use. Works great with student or artist grade paint, ink, watercolor pencils, or watercolor crayons. We only recommend that you fill the water brush reservoir with water or water-based ink.
Flat barrel design prevents the brush from rolling away while you’re working.
1-set (2 brushes + 1 case) or 2-set (4 brushes + 2 cases) options available – save when you buy in bulk!

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Price:$ 15.99