Best Colored Pencils, Set of 48, Adults  Kids, Triangular-shaped for Easy Grip, Pre-sharpened, Rich Vibrant Unique Colors

Arteza office supplies from TheOfficePanda! These coloring pencils have richly saturated pigments that are lightfast and perfect for many different types of art and art techniques including sketches, portraits, coloring books. Excellent for shading and shadows, layering, blending, and more. Carry these coloring pencils around with you whenever you feel the need to sketch a quick idea. If you’re an established artist you can definitely use them for your serious works. Artist grade ARTEZA’s colored pencils are perfect for shading, blending, shadows and other serious art uses, and they are constructed from very lightweight Basswood. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with the wide range of colors that are included in this set including Silver, Golden, Black, White, Charcoal, Yellows, Reds, Greens, Oranges, Purples, Blues, Skin Tones and many others!

48 UNIQUE COLORS – Wide range of colors includes Silver, Golden, Black, White, Charcoal, Yellows, Reds, Greens, Oranges, Purples, Blues, Skin Tones and many others! You’ll be sure to find the color that you’re looking for no matter what type of artwork you have in mind, and 48 colors provide a wide spectrum to pick from
TRIANGULAR-SHAPED – Ergonomically perfect, triangular-shaped pencils allows you to color with exceptional comfort and precision. K-2 Teachers prefer because it won’t roll off tables and desks and promotes proper writing grip for pupils. Ergonomic pencils are easier to work with for longer periods of time with less hand strain
GREAT FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS – The perfect choice no matter what your skill level is. Great for both adults and kids, these colored pencils are designed for casual art works all the way up to professional art. An excellent choice for the classroom, home or professional art studio. They’re sure to become one of your drawing tools!
ECO-FRIENDLY & DURABLE PACKAGING – Our tube is crafted from heavy-duty cardboard. Thick, indestructible walls also makes it resistant to crushing and protects pencils from damage. Tube is easy to carry in a backpack and convenient when you need to move around, and it keeps the coloring pencils nicely organized
MADE FROM ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT BASSWOOD – Our coloring pencils are made from high quality ultra-lightweight basswood which means that they are less likely to break, even with heavy use. Wood grain is fine and smooth which also makes pencils easy to sharpen to nice fine points

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