Artify 13 Pcs Paint Brush set | Pop-up Stand Carrying All in One Case with free Palette Knife and Sponge| Perfect for Acrylic Oil Watercolor Gouache ¡­

Artify office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Need a Versatile Set of Paint Brushes? The Artify 13 Pcs Brush Set is suitable for beginners, hobbyists, professional artists and students. It supplies you with the necessary tools and equipment needed to develop your own artistic style. Whether you specialize in watercolor, oil paintings, gouache, acrylic or face painting; this brush set is versatile enough to handle any method of painting. Looking for a Convenient Way to Carry Your Supplies? Thanks to the handy carry case, you can take your art supplies with you wherever you go; without worrying about losing or damaging them! The carry case is light and compact enough to be stored in your backpack, which makes it ideal for art students commuting to and from school. Sizes Liner: 1 Flat: 2, 6, 10 Angular: 4 Filbert: 8 Dagger: 12 Round: 11, 9, 7, 3 Fan: 5 Large Flat: 3 100% Satisfaction Guarantee The Artify 13Pcs Brush Set is designed to provide long-lasting use and support. The synthetic nylon brushes are extremely durable and maintain their shape even after multiple washes. If you’re not completely satisfied with your Artify 13Pcs Brush Set, or if your brushes break within the first year of use; we will happily replace them for you free of charge!

EIGHT BRUSH TYPES◆Use a wide variety of brush shapes and sizes to achieve maximum precision; including, liner, flat, angular, filbert, dagger, round and fan. From the smallest details to the largest coat applications, every stroke and detail will come to life.
ANTI-SHEDDING HAIRS ◆Made from soft, synthetic nylon material; each brush contains soft bristles that won’t shed. Even after multiple washes and uses, they’ll continue to maintain their shape and form for many years to come.
CARRY CASE WITH POP-UP STAND ◆ More than just a convenient storage solution; the carry case can be used as a pop-up stand that lets you easily swap out brushes while you work.
HANDMADE BRUSH HANDLES◆Each brush handle is handcrafted and made from natural materials, making them non-toxic and odorless. The handles themselves are short and suit most hand sizes, which provides you with maximum comfort; even during extended painting sessions.
ADDITIONAL TOOLS ◆ With the handy palette knife, you can mix paint colors, additives, pastes, pigments and much more, to create visually stunning artworks. Also included is a yellow sponge, which can be used to achieve subtle texture and depth with your artworks.

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