Alvin Quadrille Paper 8 x 8 Inches Grid 100-Sheet Pack (1430-4)

Alvin office supplies from TheOfficePanda! 20 lb. basis, reasonably priced, acid-free, versatile layout bond, printed with a non-reproducible blue grid on one side with 4×4, 8×8, or 10×10 squares per inch. Smooth opaque surface, suitable for pencil or ink with good erasing qualities. Laser, copier, and inkjet compatible. Commonly used by draftsmen, architects, and engineers for plotting graphs, drawing diagrams, statistical data, etc. Available in three sizes, in either 100-sheet packs or 50-sheet pads.

8×8 Grid 100 Sheet Pack 85 inches x 11 inches
20 lb. basis acid free versatile layout bond
Smooth opaque surface suitable for pencil or ink Laser copier and inkjet compatible

Price: $14.00
Price:$ 15.00