12 Pack Dual Tip Watercolor Brush Pen Set- Brush Tip Fine Tip, Water Based Markers, All Levels of Experience, Blending, Shading, Calligraphy, Drawing, Rich, Vibrant Colors Great For Adult Coloring

dbm art co. office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Are you looking for the perfect tool to transform your thoughts into art onto paper? Do you desire to have a multifunctional watercolor brush pen without have two of each pen? Well look no further than the Watercolor Brush 12 Piece Pen Set by dbm art co.! Our watercolor brush pens are of the highest quality, designed for all artistic levels, providing: ► A dual brush pen that allows you create fine detail and outlining with the fine point tip and full shading, coloring, and blending with the broad tip. ► Full specturm color of the rainbow, provided by not only 12 watercolor brush pens, but the ability to blend as well, creating even more variations of the rainbow! ► Easily create new colors by: 1. Scribble the two chosen colors onto the smooth surface of plastic lid in different sections. Scribble enough color so that the surface of the lid is wet. Dip a paintbrush in water and blend colors together OR use lightest brush pen to blend colors and then apply the new color to paper. Blend the lighter color onto a darker color to achieve the best gradient. Take care not to dilute the colors with too much water. The colors should be soft, but not washed out. 2. Paint a thin layer of water directly on paper with a paintbrush and color over with brush pens to blend on the drawing itself. Are you ready to witness firsthand the impressive features of this 12 piece water color brush pen set? Perfect for ALL levels of expertise, simply click on the Add to Cart button now to choose the highest quality Watercolor Brush Pen 12 Piece Set by dbm art co. today!

DUAL TIP ► At dbm art co., we wanted to create a watercolor brush that provided extreme versatility. It’s for this reason we designed the dual tip. One end of the brush is a fine tip, 2mm brush that is perfect for fine detail. On the opposite end is the broad tip, 3.5mm designed for outlining.
VIEW THE RAINBOW ► We didn’t cut any corners when it came to providing the full range of the rainbow. With 12 unique colors, and our descriptive blending instructions, you’ll be able create an endless number of colors.
CLEAN AS A WHISTLE ► We understand an artist will blend multiple colors to create new colors, and in doing this, the watercolor brush pens can get dirty. Easy to clean after your art is completed, simply draw on a clean paper to witness the vibrant, rich colors come back to the watercolor brush pen.
NON-TOXIC ► Safety is extremely important for us at dbm art co., and it’s for this reason that we designed our Watercolor Brush Pens to be non-toxic, odorless, vaporless, acid-free, & unscented.
100% LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ► At dbm art co., we stand behind our product and offer a 100%, lifetime money back guarantee for the lifetime of the product.

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