1,100 Premium Blank Flash Cards Bonus Lightweight Recycled Plastic Storage Box hinged Lid – 3.5″ X 2″, 5 colors for organization – thicker paper – perfect for students, teachers, home schooling, foreign language study,and lab notes. LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Debra Dale Designs office supplies from TheOfficePanda! These are the only flashcards with a LIFETIME guarantee.

If you EVER are dissatisfied with your flashcards, whether its 30 days from now or 30,000 days from now, you can return your flashcards to us for a FULL refund, no questions asked.

Some people like to cram right before the big test, and some people space their studying out over weeks and months. What nobody likes is to be unprepared. Flash cards are a great, compact study system that will get you ready for anything.
Teachers swear by flash cards because they’re portable, easily organizable, and train recollection and concept understanding. These blank flash cards can be customized to work with any study plan, and are great for taking notes in the office. With our flash cards, you will experience:
– improved memory
– better performance in school and work
– and a complete study-system you can carry with you anywhere

You receive more cards & bigger cards on heavier card stock and a recycled plastic storage/travel box with attached lid
We include 1,100 oversized 3.5″ X 2″ cards in every order, that is 100 extra FREE cards compared to competing brands! They’re made with heavy velum Bristol cardstock, ensuring that they’re both easy to handle and difficult to see through. Plus, they’re the only flash cards that come with a LIFETIME guarantee.
No matter where you are, you can always pull out your flashcards. The included plastic carrying case makes transportation and organization of your cards even easier, and the five fun colors make the possible uses for your cards nearly unlimited!
LIFETIME guarantee

Say yes to learning, and get 1,100 chances to memorize that important information, anywhere and anytime: order your flash cards now. Quantities are limited, but with our LIFETIME guarantee, you can be confident that you will be prepared for anything.

Using flash cards improves your memorization skills and test scores!
Lightweight Recycled Plastic Storage Box With Attached Hinged Lid to safely organize & store your flash cards making you a better student.
Generous business card size 3.5″ x 2″ = more information on your flash cards = Better Grades
Blank flash cards on Heavier Cardstock Than Other Brands for less bleed through and less time wasted making your flash cards.
Entire product made in the USA which supports the Made in America movement!

Price: $24.95
Price:$ 16.99