TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, TI BA II+ Professional Financial Calculator (Catalog Category: Calculators Business Finance)

Texas Instruments office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Enhanced version of the Best Selling BA II PLUS- now with additional functionality and a firm-touch keypad. Approved for use on the CFA exam. Ideal calculator for financial professionals, MBA students, managers, and statisticians. Profitability calculations; cash flow function calculates NFV, NPV and IRR for uneven cash flows. Time-value-of-money and amortization keys solve problems including: pension calculations, loans, mortgages, etc. List-based statistics basic functions allow addition and storing of data with 4 types of regression. 4 different methods for calculation depreciation, remaining book value and remaining depreciable value. Bond calculations. New features: Net Future Value (NFV), Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR), payback, discounted payback, modified duration, 32 cash flows, improved display (greater contrast), leather like case, metal top case, firm touch keypad, and battery door.

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