Tera 433MHz Wireless Handheld Laser USB Barcode Bar Code Scanner Scan Gun Label Reader with Base

Tera office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Tera® 433MHz Wireless Handheld Laser USB Barcode Scanner This Tera® 433MHz wireless handheld laser USB barcode scanner has improved a lot in reading codes: the latest technical accomplishment is applied to its engine and decoding function. Built-in battery of a super-large capacity 1.5 times higher than common wireless guns, which effectively guarantees that users can use it for much longer time after it is charged fully.
Specifications: Light Source Type: Visual lasing diode; the wave length is 650mm. Trigger mode: Manual. Scanning Pattern: Single-line scanning. Scanning speed: 100±2 times /s. Resolution: ≥4mil. Printing Contrast Ratio: The lowest reflectivity difference is 30%. Bit error rate: 1/5million. Charging input voltage: 5VDC±0.25V. Power: 100mW (work): 400mW (momentary maximum). Current: 20mA (work): 100mA (momentary maximum). Light intensity: 3000-12000Lux. Depth of field: 5mm-630mm. Scanning angle: ±60°±65°±42° (Left and right, front and back, rotation). Decoding capacity: UPC/EAN/JAN, UPC/EAN with Supplemental, UCC/EAN 128, Code 39, MSI, Code11, Code 39 Full ASCII, Code 39 TriOptic, Code 128, Code 128Full ASCII, Codabar, Code93, Discrete2of5, IATA, RSSvariants, Codabar, Chinese2of5, Inteleaved2/5, Interleaved 2of5 and China postal service code. Promotion Pattern: Buzzer and LED indicator. Material: ABS + PC. Dimension: approx. 158 x 68 x 96 mm (L x W x H). Weight: Approx. 560g. Color: Black. 100% Brand new.
Package Includes: 1 x Barcode Scanner 1 x Base 1 x USB Cable 1 x Barcode set card 1 x Original Package

Super transmission distance, 500m effective open distance (50-200m indoor distance).
Super inventory function, can store up to 300,000 barcodes with intelligent uploading system and support breakpoints resume.
Super paring function, support one to one, one to many, many to one; one receiver can support 255 scanners; 4080 when one to one.
No power consumption standby, which largely prolongs the standby time of the battery.
Suitable for barcoder reader places like super market,IKEA or other self-help shopping center.

Price: $74.99
Price:$ 74.99