Oregon Scientific Smart Globe

Oregon Scientific office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Take learning to the next level with the Oregon Scientific 9-Inch Diameter Interactive SmartGlobe v2. This educational globe for kids ages 5 and up combines the latest 3D bar- technology and the most advanced interactive options to provide an unforgettable experience. The included wireless Smart Pen can be used to access content from the globe and the included 29-page interactive book. You can easily keep up with the latest geographical information, current events, election results, and more simply by ing updates through the Internet (your computer needs Windows 2000 or Windows XP to do this). This globe also features audio files that can be ed using the Smart Pen. s are available in nine different languages, including three versions of English.   This globe measures 9.6 inches in diameter with the pewter-colored, gyromatic full meridian. Colorful countries stand out against the vibrant blue oceans. It depicts national borders as well as individual U.S. states, and utilizes a scale of 790 miles per inch. The black base features easy-to-follow controls for playing educational games.   Whether you are just beginning to understand the world around you or have already visited other states and countries, the settings on this globe can be targeted to fit your learning needs. This special-edition globe was designed to combine learning and fun for the entire family. Learn about the world by taking a digital tour to another country with the touch of the smart pen. The 36 learning activities include country capitals, leaders, populations, currency, language, weather, history, national anthems, and more. The multi-player games accommodate up to four players and can make learning a family event.   Please note that in order to use the SmartUpdate function, your computer must have Windows XP or Windows 2000.

3 levels of content for ages 5+, 8+ and 15+
Includes Smart Pen and 29-page interactive book
Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7
Shows U.S. states and political boundaries
9.6-inch diam.; 15.35-inch height; includes AC adapter

Price: $139.99
Price:$ 92.30