Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM Color Graphing Calculator (Black)

Casio office supplies from TheOfficePanda! CASIO fx-CG10 PRIZM Graphing Calculator Move beyond black and white to see math in full color! The PRIZM is a revolutionary graphing calculator with patent-pending features that will enhance understanding of even the most complex mathematics. PRIZM allows for a new way to learn math by enabling students to experiment with concepts utilizing real-life images. This leads to the creation of their own mathematical understanding relationships by creating graphs on their own. Suggested Courses The fx-CG10 PRIZM is designed to support all users in the following courses: Pre-Algebra Algebra I & II Geometry Trigonometry AP Calculus AP Statistics Biology Chemistry Physics Business & Finance Exam Allowance The CASIO fx-CG10 PRIZM graphing calculator is permitted for use on the PSAT/NMSQT, SAT and ACT college entrance exams and AP tests. Hardware Features Casio’s user-oriented hardware design comes loaded with all the powerful classroom functionality you need in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that is quick and simple for students to master. High Resolution LCD The fx-CG10 PRIZM features a sharp, crisp high-resolution LCD display with over 65,000 colors assuring larger and even sharper images of graphs, formulas and graphics. High-Speed CPU The fx-CG10 PRIZM accelerated processing speed is approximately three to five times faster than conventional models. Lengthy calculations and complex graphics are produced with immediate ease. This greatly increases the efficiency of both its operation and student learning. USB Connectivity The fx-CG10 PRIZM comes with a USB cable, unit-to-unit cable and Program-Link Software for high-speed data communication between a PC and the unit, or unit-to-unit data communication so program exchange can be performed immediately when you turn the unit on. Software Features Casio’s intuitive software design facilitates a student’s grasp of mathematical concepts by encouraging student engagement with mathematics rather than memorization of keys to effectively promote student success. Functionality & Key Features Some of the functionality you will find in the fx-CG10 PRIZM includes: Easy to use, Icon-Based Menu System Dynamic Graphing Dual Graph & Table Display Natural Input and output of Inequalitiy graphs Natural Display allows entry and output of mathematics just like in a textbook Built-in spreadsheet application In-Depth Conics application Pre-loaded Geometry application USB connectivity 1.5MB of flash memory / 62KB RAM 140 hours of battery life (AAA x 4) Pre-loaded Geometry Application Downloadable Quick Reference Guide And much more!

Color graphs
PC link port
3.7 inch color display
Fraction key
Complex number calc
Full-color LCD screen – bursting with over 65,000 brilliant colors with a spacious 3.7″ LCD Screen – over 82,000 pixels (384 x 216)
Users can create graphs over pictures of real-life scenes to better understand mathematical functions
Color-Link and conditional formatting for graphs, charts and spreadsheet formatting
Casio “Picture Plot” Technology – infusing real images into math
16MB maximum storage memory capacity and Requires 4 AAA batteries

Price: $99.99
Price:$ 98.86