HP 10B Financial Calculator

HP office supplies from TheOfficePanda! 100 essential business functions that you can easily access. And it has the power to keep up with your growing course-load or small business. Algebraic Logic. 3-Key Memory System. Automatic Constant. Time Values of Money with Amortization. Cash Flow Analysis (RR, NPV) up to 15 Flows. Statistics (sum, mean, std, dev., weighted mean). Linear Regress. & Forecast. Percent & Percent Change. Price Cost, Percent Markup Calculations. Interest Rate Conversions. Square Root, Square Reciprocal, Power. Natural Log, Natural Antilog, Fractional Round. Uses 3 DA675H4 Batteries.

Over 100 built-in functions
Algebraic data entry
Intuitive keyboard layout with easy-to-read labels
Adjustable contrast display
One-year warranty

Price: $199.99
Price:$ 189.99