Velcro Ultra-Mate 1-Inch by 10-Feet Glue-on Strip, White

Velcro office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Ultra-Mate Strip is a sleek and amazingly strong ultra thin high performance fastener that has 30-percent less height than regular Velcro. Product can be used indoor and outdoors. This adhesive holds better than regular adhesives hook is smooth to the touch and reduces snagging. Water-proof. Size: 1 by 10-feet. Color: White. Made in USA.

High performance water-proof fastener
Includes white 1-inch by 10-feet strip
Made in USA
Easy to use- Simple peel and stick application
High performance, low profile fastener
Adheres to most surfaces including plastic
Low profile Closure
Sleek and amazingly strong

Price: $6.89
Price:$ 10.34