Uniden Black Slimline Corded Phone (Slim1260BK)

Uniden office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Enjoy the simplicity of the SLIM1260BK corded phone by Uniden. It features a caller ID screen on the top of the receiver so you can see the name and number of incoming callers before you answer. Reference the caller ID to locate previous phone calls using its 50 name/number caller ID log. The slim size features a timeless design and will sit unobtrusively on any table or desk. It has a three volume adjustment wheel so you can set the volume to your preferred setting. The SLIM1260BK is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of multiple features, or to use as a secondary phone in a part of your home that experiences less traffic.

Simple slim design
Hi/lo ringer settings
3 volume adjustment wheel
3-Adjustment Volume Wheel

Price: $12.99
Price:$ 49.94