Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive Refills, 3 Pack (62207)

Tombow office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive Refills are now available in a convenient 3 pack. These refills are perfect for use with the Tombow #62106 Mono Permanent Adhesive Runner, the permanent type adhesive tape runner featuring an ergonomic refillable dispenser. Tombow’s originally formulated bond breaks cleanly without stringing or gumming up. The spatula head allows for precise and clean application, and the hinged head protection cap and snap-in refill cartridge provide easy replacement with no-threading. These refills are Photographic Activity Test (ANSI IT9.16) approved and acid-free. They are ideal for use with memory albums and archival materials. Whatever your project, from preparing documents to scrapbooking to fine artwork, you can count on Tombow for unmatched quality and design.

Photographic Activity Test (PAT) approved and acid-free
Ideal for use with memory albums and archival materials
Great value – 3 pack refill for permanent type adhesive tape runner bonds instantly, cleanly and wrinkle-free
Ergonomic dispenser provides smooth and quick application with no mess and no waiting
Spatula head for precise and clean application

Price: $5.00
Price:$ 5.89