Swingline Tot Stapler with Built-In Staple Remover, Pre-Packed with 1000 Swingline Standard Staples, Blue (S7079172)

Swingline office supplies from TheOfficePanda! The classic mini stapler from Swing line. Convenient for home, school, or office use. Keep one tucked in everyone’s desk drawer! Durable, high impact construction. Built-in staple remover, always there when you need it. Plus a staple storage compartment, so you’re always prepared in case you run out. Stapler ships with 1000 standard Swing line staples included, so it’s ready to go!

Classic mini stapler
Pre-packed with staples
Built-in staple remover
Staple storage compartment
For optimum performance use S.F. 4 premium staples (Swing line 35450)

Price: $5.20
Price:$ 4.28