SCANNED Self Inking Rubber Stamp – Red Ink (42A1539WEB-R)

ExcelMark office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Ensure efficient communication and provide clear instructions with the use of this SCANNED self-inking rubber stamp. This stamp is ideal for rapid, repetitive stamping because the die automatically re-inks itself by rotating into a self-contained two-sided reversible ink pad. Ordinary ink pads offer a certain number of impressions before they begin to fade. When this happens, the pad needs to be re-inked or replaced. Not so with a reversible pad. When the impression begins to fade, simply slide the pad out, flip it over, and reinsert to instantly double the life.

Features a two-sided ink pad that doubles the number of impressions and the useful life of the stamp pad
Attractive, clear mount which allows you to accurately line up your stamp impression
Prints in Red Ink
Impression Area: 9/16″ x 1-1/2″

Price: $7.70
Price:$ 7.25