Prismacolor Ebony Graphite Drawing Pencils, Black, Box of 12

Prismacolor office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Draw penetrating details, stirring shadows and sultry highlights with Prismacolor Graphite Drawing Pencils. The jet black lead means advanced portrait artists and skilled amateurs alike will have the tools necessary to create piercing marks and outlines. Each ebony pencil features leads with superior smoothness that are effortlessly supple yet strong enough to sharpen to a fine point. Bring precision, intensity and depth to your craft with Prismacolor drawing pencils.

Intensely dark ebony graphite helps set your art apart
Designed for sketching, portrait and figure drawing and illustrating
Rich, velvety smooth laydown
Cores resist cracking and breakage
Includes: 12 Ebony graphite pencils

Price: $5.56
Price:$ 5.15