Post-it Super Sticky Notes, 3 x 3-Inches, Black, 5-Pads/Pack (654-5SSSC)

Post-it office supplies from TheOfficePanda! Post-it Super Sticky NotesSome Notes you want to Stick around Post-it Super Sticky Notes allow you to stick notes virtually anywhere. Available in assorted bright colors, these sticky notes get noticed easily. Great for leaving notes or reminders on walls, doors, monitors or other surfaces. Each pack of super sticky notes consists of five pad packs. With the innovative adhesive technology, these sticky notes stick securely on a variety of surfaces and stay where you want them. Use for messages or reminders, or get creative and make a mural. Single color packs are great for creating murals or color-coding Create murals to communicate or support your cause Holds stronger and longer, yet removes cleanly Works great at home or at the office Let your message stand out Use Single Color Packs to create your own wall mural These colorful squares are the perfect building blocks for self-expression. Use the Post-it Notes Wall Art Creator Tool to make wall-sized characters, messages, works of art or whatever design you want to create. Start creating your next wall art masterpiece. Great for leaving notes on doors, walls and monitorsEnsure that your messages stand outInnovative adhesive technology offers a secure stickPost-it Super Sticky Notes are made with plant-based adhesive (67% plant-based material by weight)All Post-it Notes are recyclable

3 x 3-Inches, Black
Single color packs are great for creating murals, or color-coding
Leave your note on almost any vertical surface to get seen
5-Pads/Pack, 400-Sheets
All Post-it Notes are recyclable

Price: $11.85
Price:$ 11.85